Butaotome Fanbook!

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According to some flyers distribuited during Comiket, there will be a Butaotome fanbook published by Genkousha. More details will be given during tomorrow’s namahousou (which won’t be a regular one but just Comp doing bass things), but I can give already some infos.

There is already a page in the Tower Records website, it will be book + CD!
Release date: 15/02/2016
Pages: 108
1. BUTAOTOME introduction (Ranko, Comp, Paprika, Ranko no Ane)
2. Discography
3. Comp’s corner
4. Ranko’s corner
5. Paprika’s corner
6. Ranko no Ane’s corner
7. CD’s lyrics
8. BUTAOTOME Interview Symposium (symposium director: Matsukoi Sugie)
9. Glossary
10. CD (4 songs)
– 2 new original tracks
– 1 instrumental track
– Ekaki Uta – ekaki uta (drawing song) are songs that explain how to draw something in a simple manner, mainly for children (ex. draw a circle, then draw two dots…)

Looks like there will be also some exclusive stuff depending on which shop you’ll buy this, so stay tuned for more infos!