Miscellaneous News 3

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[I should invent a cool title for this kind of post…]

First of all, news from the Butaworld: the fanbook is up to preorder on various websites, including Amazon!
A reminder that only Melonbooks, Toranoana and Animate have extras, as I have wrote here. Since Ranko’s profile page is already available to read, I’ve tried to translate it: here.
Also, Ranko no Ane’s corner will include some artworks for the following songs: “Kyouen”, “Kyouai”, “Shikaban Hyakkiyakou Emaki”, “Kakoinaki yo wa Ichigo no Tsukikage” and “Machibito wa Kozu.”!

Next week Butaotome will partecipate at a minor event called Aka no Hiroba. It’s an EoSD-only event and they will only bring something related to I LOVE RED which I don’t understand what it is, but it doesn’t seem really important ^^“ (it’s not a new disc/acoustic mini CD or overall new music) Tweet

Next week’s streaming will be the usual stuff with all the 4 members! Livestream link

Now, for some news related to this website. I created a Youtube channel, you can find it here! I was going to use it for uploading namahousou stuff and overall anything which is not pirated material. But… I got a community strike for the only video I have uploaded (a reupload of the Utau Namahousou 100, which I’ve currently deleted from my personal channel). Apparently, Youtube treated it as a spam video for unknown reasons, and they refused to restore it. It was NOT a copyright strike, though. (and I also have the approval from Comp himself to upload this kind of stuff).
So, if someone can suggest me what to do and a good way for sharing these videos, I would appreciate!!

See you next update!