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So…! In a different twist of their usual schedule, the C90 releases will be up to preorder on Melonbooks at the same time of the tickets for December’s live: tomorrow (31st) at 2:00 UTC. It will be an awful hour for me, but I’ll be able to bring the news in time!

Now, the usual list of guest participations! I’ll keep this post updated, then I’ll move the contents to their respective pages on the day of C90. [LAST UPDATE: 12th August]

party 2
Touhou PARTBOX 2 | Melonbooks
/// XFD 1XFD 2
Disc 1, track 7: もう二度と裏切らない | Mou Nidoto Uragiranai [???]
Disc 2, track 8: リバーサイドパレード | Riverside Parade [???]
As usual, Melonbooks’ compilation doesn’t put the original themes and the samples are horribly short. This time I’m struggling at recognizing the originals of Buta’s songs; I even asked Comp, but looks like he prefers to not tell them, at least until the release date. So, we can just wait or try to guess them anyway. Mou Nidoto kinda reminds me of Ichirin or Tsukumo’s themes and its translation is “I’ll never betray you again”, so I think is fitting. But for Riverside Parade I don’t have any idea at all. I think it’s something from a spin-off game…
We’ll discover the truth once we hear the full versions, but meanwhile any suggestion is appreciated~
Oh, the third disc has old tracks and there is Rougetsu (again?)

matsuri ost
東方空宴歌-UTAGE- (Touhou Kuenka) | Area-ZERO
/// XFD
Track 5: 螺旋絶望 | Rasen Zetsubou [Pure Furies ~ Whereabouts of the Heart]
Soundtrack for the DLC of the PS4 version of Touhou Sky Arena.
Note: half of the tracks here are also released in the C90 albums of their respective circles. I won’t be surprised if this song will be recycled soon (as they did with Hana on Shoujo Rengoku 3).

タイムパラドクシアの迷宮 (Time Paradoxia no Meikyuu) | Pizuya’s Cell
/// XFD
Track 5: 時計の針、吐息と重なり | Tokei no Hari, Toiki to Kasanari [Schrödinger’s Bakeneko]
Track 7: ノスタルジックロマンスアドベンチャー | Nostalgic Romance Adventure [Last Occultism ~ Esotericist of the Present World]
When Pizuya tweeted about Butaotome’s one man live, I jokingly thought that since he is becoming a fan of them, Ranko would have been featured in a future album. And it happened! The second track is a duet with Futoumeido , and Pizuya uploaded it on his Soundcloud: Link.

Track 8: FIREFLY
I don’t know anything about this circle or the composers (it’s an original album). Ranko sings the track indicated above.

Track 6: Sweet Nightmare [Green Sanatorium]
Another Ranko x Aki duet.

ブライダルあまねりお (Bridal Amanerio) | COOL&CREATE
/// XFD
Track 9
Celebrative album for Beatmario and Amane’s marriage. Buta’s contribution is a “sound letter”.

秘封祭 (Hifuu Matsuri) | Shimensoka
Now for something particular. This is a novel game centered on the Hifuu Club with lots of different scenarios, endings and contributions from various people. There is also old and new music from different artists: no new Butaotome music, but tracks from Kouseki Radio are used as BGM.

東方同人CDのデザイン2 (Design of Touhou Doujin CD 2) | Chromatic-Noise Lab
As the title says, a book containing interviews and commentary about the design of Touhou arrange CDs. Kouseki Radio is among the reviewed albums, with also an interview to Ranko no Ane.