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C90 albums!

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This time Butaotome are bringing a full Hifuu album (8 vocal tracks + 2 instrumentals) with the theme of “psychodrama” and an horror-themed Nekokenban!! Mobile website – click on the covers on this post to view the single sites. FREAKS 1. サイコドラマ-開幕- | Psychodrama -Kaimaku- (inst) [Strange Bird of the Moon, Illusion of the Mysterious Cat] 2. 貴女には見えて私には見えないもの | Anata… Read more »

C90 post

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So…! In a different twist of their usual schedule, the C90 releases will be up to preorder on Melonbooks at the same time of the tickets for December’s live: tomorrow (31st) at 2:00 UTC. It will be an awful hour for me, but I’ll be able to bring the news in time! Now, the usual list of guest participations! I’ll… Read more »

Butaotome at C90

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The Comiket 90 list is out now! Butaotome are there! 13th August (2nd day) booth: 西a52a “We are planning to make various new albums. For more details, please check the site.” On an unrelated note, yesterday I’ve updated the FAQ and I’ve added a tutorial for MelonbooksDL! I hope you’ll find it clear and useful!