Autumnal Reitaisai 3 post

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This weekend is Kouroumu, but there are no BUTAOTOME guest participations at all.
End of the pos- ok, joking. There is still Reitaisai, which is coming in a week, and as usual I’m listing every participation!

東方参面録 (Touhou Sanmenroku) | GROOVE COASTER /// XFD
Track 3: 清らかな幸福 -GAME EDITION- | Kiyoraka na Koufuku [Akutagawa Ryuunosuke’s “Kappa” ~ Candid Friend]
Track 9: 清らかな幸福 -FULL EDITION-
XFD is finally up! As previously announced, this is Buta’s contribution for this “stage 3-themed” compilation and it will be also playable on Groove Coaster.

東方極楽湯界 (Touhou Gokuraku Yukai) | IOSYS /// XFD | Extended preview
Track 8: Trick or DA☆N☆GO [The Lake Reflects the Cleansed Moonlight | September Pumpkin]
Ranko comes back to sing something for IOSYS, and is a song that sounds like a discarded track from their Halloween release…