Pocket no News 7

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Hey, finally the Miscellaneous News have a proper title! It’s a pun of Pocket no Are (so, it’s basically “the news in the pocket”). Interestingly, this track is right after Tiramisu Cowboy on Billiards :°D

So…! First of all, a new Touhou arrange pack has been released on the mobile version of Groove Coaster! It includes Kami no Hi and Karisome, the two collaboration songs (COSIO x Ranko and Comp x ichigo) first released on May.

Now, an important (and sad) announcement: Neko no Anmin won’t be available on BuyDoujin. It’s a Melonbooks exclusive and there are various business stuff and contracts behind this. Sorry 🙁 But don’t worry, future albums will be available!

And last… thanks to Scott in Japan, I finally got ahold of Rasen Zetsubou and Kiyoraka na Koufuku! The lyrics are up as usual in the other songs page. A couple of notes I want to spend on the new Candid Friend: surprisingly, Ranko wrote the lyrics! It’s the first time she writes lyrics for a track not released in a BUTAOTOME album. It could be a misprint, but I also remember she tweeted about writing lyrics during August, so… Also, the song page has a new format I’ll use for other tracks featured on music games!
And now, only the Party Box 2 lyrics are missing…

That’s all for this update! Tomorrow is another day of working more and more on this website!