Comiket 91 – guest participations list

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Comiket 91 is coming in a few days, and here is the usual list of guest participations! Though, this time it’s really poor (unless there will be lots of last minute announcements):

party 3
Touhou PARTYBOX 3 | Melonbooks
/// XFD 1XFD 2XFD 3
Disc 1, track 1: 悪霊の見た悪夢 | Akuryou no Mita Akumu [Reincarnation]
Disc 2, track 7: 楽しい戦争のうた | Tanoshii Sensou no Uta [Great Fairy Wars ~ Fairy Wars]
Disc 3, track 3: だるまさんがころんだ | Daruma-san ga koronda [Gensokyo Millennium ~ History of the Moon] (new version)
Two new songs and a new version of Daruma-san with (at least from the sample) an additional 8bit effect.
Also, Melonbooks recently added the list of original themes: why they couldn’t add it before?

And that’s all for the new stuff. Some old songs will be featured on certain releases:
– Hifuu Matsuri, the novel game released last Comiket, will get its soundtrack release. All the new and old music used for that game is there, including Kouseki Radio’s prologue and epilogue.
– UNDEAD CORPORATION will bring their second TOHO COMPLETE BOX, which covers the albums released after the first one. The jazz album “TOHO JAZZY VOCALS I” is included as well, and obviously there is also Ranko’s song SA・TO・RI.
– Crazy Beats will release SUPER CRAZY EURO -THE BEST OF SES-, a best of album for the old SUPER EURO SMASH series. The song FIGHT OVER FUTURE, sung by Ranko, is included.