1st major album info!

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Finally we have some infos!!

The album title is “Furubokko” (フルボッコ). It seems to be a slang term that means “completely beating somebody up”.

It will have six tracks: 3 new songs (including a title-track), the long awaited Radical Shoujo and Motelab. and what seems to be a re-recording of Sharekoube from Bowling.

1. ラジカル少女 | Radical Shoujo
2. フルボッコ | Furubokko
3. 白線 | Hakusen
4. 髑髏 | Sharekoube
5. モテlab. | Motelab.
6. もう明日なんかいらない | Mou ashita nanka iranai

There will be also a special edition with a DVD, containing Furubokko’s MV and some other footage. Release date is 15th March!

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