Pocket no News 10

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And here we have a new update with misc news!

First of all, Buta-related news: it’s a new year, and we finally have a new artist pic, that will be used for promotional purposes!

Also, today we got the first Paprika piano corner poll of 2017: Suzu no Sorane, with Shikaban as winner!
Don’t forget that I always keep updated this page, accessible from the livestream guide, with the detailed results.

Now, for news about this site:

First of all, I still haven’t got my copies of Paradise Lost and Nekokenban 13. Even though I chose the fastest shipping option, the package is still on the way from Japan to Italy. Maybe tonight it will finally arrive to the Italian customs and I’ll get it tomorrow… In any case, I truly apologize for the late of the new contents… ;_;

Then, if you follow Tiramisu’s twitter, you probably already saw that I’m working on a new layout (sneak peek). I hope I’ll be able to finish it soon!

At last, me and Jaefine decided to create a Discord server related to our websites, and it has a whole channel dedicated to Butaotome! If you want to chat with other Piggys, it’s the right place!
Discord link

See you next update :high-pitched meow from mini-Papu: