Pocket no News 11

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Say hi to Tiramisu Cowboy’s new layout! I decided to create a new one because I felt like the old sidebar was becoming confusing. Plus, I thought a change was needed: we are approaching to a new era of BUTAOTOME, with their major debut…! I created the color palette all by myself, I wanted to make something bright, but also wanted to avoid possible “eye-bleeding” combinations, and… while I don’t think this is Buta-esque enough, I really like it overall! Thanks to Jordi, Scott and Jae, who helped me in some parts!

Now, some news…
– During last week, the Japanese TV progam “ZIP!” broadcasted a 5 seconds eyecatch after the weather forecast and limited to the Kumamoto area. In this eyecatch, the 3 Touhou ABC groups (A-One, Buta, Cool&Create) made their greeting to Kumamoto and also did the “ZIP! pose”. You can watch the full version (9 seconds w) here.
– tomorrow (today in JP time w), BUTAOTOME will participate at Koi no Mahou wa Marisa ni Omakase (leave the love magic to Marisa), a Marisa-only event. They won’t bring anything new, but they’ll give Reimu and Marisa papercrafts (the same from Nekokenban 11) to those who will buy one of the following albums: Touhou Nekokenban 11, Kyou ga Saigo no Ichinichi, Acoustic Gakkyoukushuu and Jitsuwa sensai na anata to blablabla. The first is a full ReiMari album, the others contain ReiMari songs (respectively, Aru Haru no Hi, Yume ja nai Nanika and Itsumo no Futari).
Since ReiMari is a pairing quite common in their Touhou songs, I might decide to write a full list of ReiMari songs one day…
– another reminder that Bowling will be out of print at the end of February, so don’t miss it!

And that’s all for this update! O/