Avex’s ban of exporting?

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It’s late night here, it’s also Friday the 17th, the maximum bad luck day where I live, but I just discovered something quite important, so here I am writing this article after doing some searches.

It’s a news from a couple of days ago, but Avex Pictures (a subside of Avex centered on anime stuff) blocked the export outside Japan of CDs/DVDs/anything under their label. The reason is unknown, but please note that this is applied exclusively to Avex Pictures: all the other Avex’s branches should not be affected by this, so we overseas Piggies should be safe. However, Amazon JP blocked the export of anything by Avex. Which means, you are currently unable to preorder Furubokko there, or your order has been cancelled.

I’ll keep an eye on the situation, in the meantime Furubokko is available on CDJapan: CD | CD+DVD