Pocket no News 14

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Time to bring you a big update!

I’m still re-hosting every image from my old blog to Tiramisu’s wordpress, but in the meantime I’m also working on a couple of things:
– the long awaited goods (with t-shirts, live merch etc.) and freebies (detailing the free stuff you could get, such as clear files, calendars etc.) pages! They are still largely incomplete and I’m working on them, but you can take a look! I’ve already added the newly announced stuff (Furubokko’s shop extras and the new badge set with album artworks).
– I’ve finally found a way to add song samples in their respective pages! It was something I wanted to add ever since this site’s creation. The samples are taken from the official XFDs. I’m also adding Soundcloud XFDs in the album pages, though I’m still not convinced about them (probably due to Soundcloud’s layout?)… Anyway, you can see those features enabled on Paradise Lost’s pages.

News from the Butaverse!
Today’s biggest news is Furubokko’s music video, which you can watch on Nicovideo! I don’t know if Avex will upload it on Youtube (they originally uploaded there, but then deleted it). Maybe they’ll keep the short version as niconico exclusive, and then upload the full version on Youtube, around the album’s release?
Speaking of Youtube, BUTAOTOME’s official Youtube channel has started to upload some old PVs and miscellaneous stuff which was on Comp’s old channel. We’ll probably see more in the next days.
Also, Ranko recorded something the other day! Probably it’s for Comp’s recent arranges, which I’ve mentioned a few days ago.

That’s all for this update! btw, today was cat’s day in Japan, now excuse me while I’m going to post tons of pics of the cat I don’t have. Jokes aside, see you next update! (or tomorrow on Youtube, with Hanafuda’s piano corner)