Pocket no News 17.5: Furubokko is out (for real)!

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This update is a sort of continuation of yesterday’s one, since the main topic is pretty much similar!

Furubokko is officially out in every format, physical and digital! There are various sources for downloadable purchases listed in the official website, but the most overseas-friendly one is the good old iTunes: search for フルボッコ in the iTunes store of your country and get it there! Though, at the moment, it’s not available in the US and Canada.

In the meantime, lyrics have been published on mora.jp! But I’ll wait a bit before adding them on the website. Also, today a couple of interviews have been published and I’m working on translating them. I’ve always procrastinated this kind of “big” stuff, but now I’m determined to do them. :energy:

Now, for more news: what was the “mysterious big project” announced yesterday? Well, just Comp touring the Melonbooks stores across Japan! Website

Also, if you purchase a copy of Furubokko at this Sunday’s liveshow, you’ll get a pass for obtaining a poster and participating to a photography session after the live!

Last thing is that the famous Cirno’s Perfect Math Class by IOSYS is celebrating its ⑨th anniversary this year! IOSYS are making lots of stuff related to it, but what interests us is that they are making a “9th anniversary edition” of the song. It will be a big collaboration featuring Yuuhei Satellite, A-One, BUTAOTOME, Cool&Create, TaNaBaTa and Alternative ending. This song will be also playable on various rhythm games!

Seeeee youuuuu neeeeext updaaaaateeeee!