Pocket no News 19: that Playstation mag thing and Reitaisai stuff

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First of all, today Jordi got his copy of Touhou Denshi Yuugi – Zusetsu, the Dengeki Playstation mag dedicated to Touhou! Thanks to him, now I can bring you the page for the new Dichromatic Butterfly arrange! Link.
The mag also contains a little interview with Comp, and also a section about 3 self-recommended albums. I’ve already translated that one, and I’ve included those comments in their respective pages! Since I want to have a bit of fun with you, try to guess or find which are the three albums! The only hints I can give is that two of them are the first chapters of a series, while the 3rd one is a fairly recent release. Jokes aside, this will also kinda help for the “getting started” article, which I’ve on-hold since too much time and I hope to finally publish soon.

Now, what happens in the World of BUTAOTOME? Well, they are working on the Reitaisai album! Ranko said that it has arrangements of themes she likes, which doesn’t say too much. Anyway, we will probably have news around the end of the month!

On another note, Melonbooks will release another Touhou PARTYBOX for this Reitaisai! This time it’s the “Hakurei Jinja ver 2”. It’s unknown if it will have a new BUTAOTOME song, but it’s highly likely. Also, the Box will be purchasable a week before at the Melonbooks booth of the Niconico Choukaiji! This year there will be also a special edition of the Touhou LIVEBOX, and the Pig will play both days! It will be broadcasted on Nico, however it’s not possible to timeshift.
Day 1 / Day 2

I think that’s all for this update, time to go back into the work cave!