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The C92 catalogue is online, BUTAOTOME are there!!

11th August (1st day) booth: 東シ60b

By the way, this is something somehow related, but I want to talk about it: thanks to Scott I’ve listened Toumei Mislead, the new song used as BGM for Melonbooks stores! It’s actually an original track, and it’s reminescent of Shinsan Game. As previously said, the song will be released in a compilation during summer and I’ve also discovered that during the past month there were some new songs made by other artists and used as store BGM in a similar way. I think they will find their way in this upcoming release, with possibly some more new songs for the month of July. Since it will be probably a Comiket release, I’m wondering: will this compilation take the place of a possible Touhou PARTYBOX 4? Well, only time will tell!