Weekly recap 2: Hifuuuuuuu, Kanazawa etc.

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Once again, no livestream this week!


TC Crew Theater 2

Relevant news of the week are…

Some good news for the Hifuu funz! BUTAOTOME will participate at the fourth edition of Ano Hi Mita Gensou, the live event dedicated exclusively to Hifuu Club arranges. It will be held the 17th of September at Kyoto’s FANJ, and ticket sales will start in August. Also, the Pig will have a booth at the Kagaku Seiki no Cafe Terrace, Hifuu-only event which will be held the day after: I think they’ll bring some new goods, or just reprint old ones.

This Sunday and Monday, BUTAOTOME will be at Kanazawa Touhousai! Nothing new, though. They’ll also perform live during the first day. I wonder if they still keep promote Giji Kazoku or just stick with the very old singles…

Let’s move outside the Touhou territories: on Monday, Comp will be a guest player at Kagi Night, Kyouichi Kagiyama (Urbangarde’s former drummer)’s birthday party.

That’s all for this week! And I’ve just realized that Comiket 92 is in a month…

P.S.: I might have found Yokubou no Kodzuchi (the new track from the latest PARTYBOX compilation)’s lyrics on a nicokara video on Youtube. I’m currently veryfing if they are real from the booklet, but I’m 80% sure of that. In case of their legitimity, they’ll be up on this page. I thank Jordi for sending me the video and the uploader in advance!