Tiramisu Cowboy – two years

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Everybody’s favourite mascottes, the TC Crew: Chibi Muse, Chibi Ranko and Buta the round pig. The cake is a “Genoa cake”.

And today, Tiramisu Cowboy reached two years of activity. I think this site evolved so much in these two years, though the core and the heart is still there. I want to thank my friends, my family, BUTAOTOME themselves (who I also thank for the music and everything they make) and random people who occasionally pop up here and there in the social networks for their support. I promise that for the third year I’ll improve and bring you even more great stuff.

To celebrate this important achievment, I prepared a new section. Actually, it’s something I have ready since a lot of time, but I thought it would have been fitting for the anniversary. It’s the “personal” section I have mentioned some time ago and… it’s a showcase of my BUTAOTOME collection! Feel free to check it out, but beware that there are lots of pics and talks!

Now, to another year!