C92 albums!

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Thanks to Wednesday’s Melonbooks leak, I already wrote most of this post before the official update! lol

The vocal album’s theme is the end of the childhood! No Touhou 16 demo arrange, but there are lots of unarranged (and unusual!) source themes, and also an acoustic remake of Aoi Miren, Aoi Namida.

1. イニシエ | Inishie [Bibliophile with a Deciphering Eye]
2. 水色花火 | Mizuiro Hanabi [Great Fairy Wars ~ Fairy Wars | Year-Round Absorbed Curiosity] (note: the latter theme is not written in the official site, but clearly audible in the sample) (edit: Sis corrected it!)
3. 触れる夢 | Sawareru Yume [Dr. Latency’s Sleepless Eyes]
4. 滴る汁 | Shitataru Shiru [The Ground’s Color is Yellow]
5. 青いミレン、蒼いナミダ(chillax ver) | Aoi Miren, Aoi Namida [Tomboyish Girl in Love]
6. 幼立ち | Osanadachi [Romantic Escape Flight | Cheat Against the Impossible Danmaku]
7. ネコイズム | Nekoism [Diao Ye Zong (withered leaf)]
8. 生育つ青空 | Oisodatsu Aozora [The Primal Scene of Japan the Girl Saw]

There are also t-shirts with the album art! Though it’s unknown if they will be also sold on Melonbooks.
The event exclusive freebie is the usual summer fan.

The Nekokenban is RPG style!

東方猫鍵盤14 | Touhou Nekokenban 14
1. オープニング ~淡い目覚め | Opening ~ Awai Mezame [Mystical Dream ~ Snow or Cherry Petal | The Fantastic Tales from Tono]
2. 小さな猫の大きな冒険 | Chiisana Neko no Ookina Bouken [Diao Ye Zong (withered leaf)]
3. 竹林を行く | Chikurin wo yuku [Cinderella Cage ~ Kagome-Kagome]
4. Enemy! [The Fantastic Tales from Tono]
5. 魔法の森 | Mahou no Mori [Doll Judgment | Magus Night]
6. マジックショップ | Magic Shop [Dim. Dream | Oriental Dark Flight]
7. 人の住む里 | Hito no Sumu Sato [Plain Asia | Bibliophile with a Deciphering Eye]
8. 妖精のたちと霧の湖 | Yousei no tachi to Kiri no Mizuumi [Tomboyish Girl in Love | Lunate Elf]
9. 空飛ぶ船に乗って | Soratobu Fune ni Notte [Sky Ruin | Returning Home from the Sky ~ Sky Dream]
10. 地下要塞 | Chika Yousai [Heartfelt Fancy | Satori Maiden ~ 3rd eye]
11. 決戦前夜 | Kessen Zen’ya [Lullaby of Deserted Hell | Corpse Voyage ~ Be of good cheer!]
12. おしまいのうた ~Epilogue | Oshimai no Uta [Diao Ye Zong (withered leaf) | Dream of a Spring Breeze]

The booklet will also include some recipes!

P.S.: I’ve managed to resolve my PC issues, though I need to organize some stuff!