Weekly recap 6: Comiket 92 guest list, etc.

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TC Crew Theater 6

blablabla, no streaming this week. Comp was one of the various guests at the Touhou Station livestream. I haven’t watched it fully, but there were ZUN and famous people from the Touhou arrange world, and I saw them messing around with Imperishable Night’s spell practice. If you have a niconico premium account or you timeshifted the livestream, you can rewatch it here.In the meantime, Ranko was preparing herself for tomorrow’s Sally live.

Comiket 92 is on Friday and here is the usual list of albums with guest participations from BUTAOTOME members. Once again, a poor list:

MelonBooks ShopBGM Compilations:001 – Nature – | Melonbooks
/// XFD
Track 12: 透明ミスリード | Toumei Mislead
The song made for being used as BGM on Melonbooks shops during the month of June. As I expected a couple of months ago, this compilation took the place of the Touhou PARTYBOX, at least for this event.

CHUNITHM Original Soundtrack “Genesis Of Destiny Rebellion” | SEGA

Track 1: 明るい未来 | Akarui Mirai
[This is actually not a Comiket release, but most of the Chunithm OSTs were previously released on Comiket/M3 events, plus the date is very close, so I cheat a bit by including it here!] Akarui Mirai was originally made for the Chunithm game last year, and finally it gets the album release!

Also, DiGiTAL WiNG will release RAVER’S NEST BEST 2017 TOHO HYPER RAVE. It’s a best of album for their RAVER’S NEST series and Ranko’s song “Tenchi Yuuyou” (天地有用) is included.


After a pre-release during the Ten Desires event, Konohazuku is finally available to play on Groove Coaster arcades since today! The song is an instrumental arrangement of Miko’s theme + stage. It’s unknown when it will be released on mobile.

Yesterday Comp tweeted that tomorrow at 12:00 JST there will be some big and exciting news. It’s an awful hour for me, but I’ll try to check it, though I’m expecting it to be something live-related or similar.

Concluding this post, Area-Zero announced that Touhou Sky Arena will get a Nintendo Switch porting! More informations will be available at Comiket, along with the release date of the PS Vita version. What interests me and this site is if these ports will have new music-related content. BUTAOTOME are one of the staple music circles in Area-Zero’s works and they contributed in every in single one of their Touhou compilations. Perhaps we could get a new compilation with a new Pig song in future! Though, the song will be probably recycled in the Touhou vocal album the event after (see Hana and Rasen Zetsubou).

That’s all for this recap!