Weekly recap 9: work work work etc.

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TC Crew Theater 9 feat. Comp and Paprika

No livestream today! The Sis made another work livestream, but like last week, nothing could be seen. I guess she now makes these livestreams for chatting with random people while working (and as a sort of replacement of the Utau Namahousou), but at the same time she wants to avoid people leaking screenshots. The works for the second major album are continuing, and last Thursday Butaotome members went to Taito Station to take the new promotional pic(s)!

In the meantime, the Kemono Friends event is coming in less than a month! Ranko no Ane posted on Twitter a couple of ideas for the goods they are planning to bring there.

Last monday there was a free Touhou live with Cool&Create for “Otaiba Minna no Yume Tairiku 2017”, organized by Fuji TV. It was completely uninteresting setlist-wise (just the usual old Touhou singles), but it was actually possible to take pics/film it!
Next live is Touhou Freaks 1 this Sunday!

The Sis recently made an account on Weibo! She is using it for uploading some old stuff, as well as for a bit of language practice. Also, it has been announced that Butaotome will perform in Shanghai in October, together with Tamaonsen! (they no longer have the vocalist Tama, so for me they are just “onsen”. Ok sorry for my terrible joke)

For this week, the Touhou event in the Akihabara Atre store came back, and there are the same contents of last time! Requoting the July post where I talked about it: “Other than purchasing various Touhou memorabilia, you can also listen to Touhou vocal arranges from famous circles as store BGM and buy the respective CDs. Butaotome are included!”

Now, time to talk about this site! While my C92 stuff is still on its way from Japan to Italy, I decided to focus on some translation projects I left behind. As starter, I finally managed to translate the glossary in the fanbook! And discovering what “tanoshiba” means enlightned me.
Among these projects, I have a couple of very long things, and also something “very similar to something found in one of the three BUTABEST albums”. I’m working at my pace and also with the precious help of friends more competent than me. Violet, fight!

See you on Sunday with the Touhou Freaks setlist! (or earlier if some big suprise news pops up)