Weekly recap 13: 2nd major album info, etc.

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There was streaming with Comp, Pap and Livestream Problems (it was mostly like a regular streaming, there were Comu and Compachi and they even showed some Jump Otome DVD footages), but I wanted to open the post with this pic instead.

The most important news of the week is the reveal of the title, tracklist and cover arts for the 2nd major album, Trauma Recorder! Here is the news post, I’ll create the album page later! First of all, I apologize because I previously edited the post with the swapped covers, but it was just a mistake from Melonbooks: it’s actually fish girl for the regular edition and winged girl for the special one! For those who want to pre-order already, the album is up on CDJapan (don’t mind the title), Amazon (which seems it can ship outside Japan, this time!) and Melonbooks. As for me, I’ll wait for shop extras.

The shops have this description: “The times change due to the network development, the ways of communication change; when you face various troubles, such as present day loneliness and confusion towards living, BUTAOTOME’s music pushes you back a little bit.
Don’t be fooled by their appearance. We want you to experience the World of BUTAOTOME.”
Comp also said: “If I have to describe this mini album "Trauma Recorder” with a single word, it would be “hard work”. It’s common to say that, but we truly worked hard. Everything about the current BUTAOTOME is packed here. I want many people to pick it up in order to advance to the next step. This is a mini album filled with serious hard work.“

Aside from that, there are not many news this week. The Kemono Friends event went fine, and Sis confirmed that the various goods will be sold in shops on a later date!

This Friday BUTAOTOME will play at "Livin’ on LIVE Vol.1” in Tokyo with some other indie/unknown bands (The 3 minutes, BuZZ and INTERSECTION). Nothing too much to say, except that it will be original time!

As part of the Perfect Class 9th anniversary’s celebrations, it looks like IOSYS are releasing some new arranges of Cirno’s theme in some music games. A new one has been added on Reflec Beat’s arcades last week, named Himawari Sunset (向日葵サンセット). Arranged by ARM and Maron, it features Ranko’s vocals and Paprika’s piano!
(I know I’m reporting this very late, but blame the human and the cat for not tweeting about it at all!!11)

That’s all for this week!

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