[WIP] BUTAOTOME Fanbook’s special symposium

Better late than never, I guess…?
I have transcribed this whole thing since too much time. I’ll post translated parts in a random order from time to time.

Who is Matsukoi Sugie? Writer, book reviewer. Mainly focuses on reviews of mystery novels. Big fan of Touhou Project, he publishes doujinshi under the circle “Waki Miko Ai” (脇巫女愛).

Part 1: history behind BUTAOTOME’s name
Part 2: being animals
Part 3 – “I felt a lot of heat that I couldn’t feel from music at the time.” how BUTAOTOME got into Touhou
Part 4: relationships with other circles
Part 5: participating in other works
Part 6: how BUTAOTOME work
Part 7: non-Touhou stuff

Part 3

Sugie: So fundamentally you are a band that formed because you wanted to make Touhou arranges. I would like to ask you about each one of you’s familiarity with Touhou, how did you get into it?
Ranko: It was “Gossun” (Marisa stole the precious thing) for me (laughs).
Sugie: Ah, the one by “IOSYS”. Wasn’t it when “Niconico” became popular?
Ranko: At the time I watched a lot of Touhou-related videos on “Niconico” and when I saw “Gossun”, I didn’t know until then what was a denpa song, but it was just amazing (laughs), I was surprised that I was speechless. Then, I listened Touhou arranges by “Kishida Kyoudan”, “COOL&CREATE”, “Sekkenya” and I talked with my sister about such thing.
Sugie: Isn’t the feel of listening, watching, spread it to other people?
Sis: That’s right. I knew about Touhou thanks to my sister watching videos on “Niconico”.
Sugie: Since when you know Touhou, Paprika?
Pap: I knew about Touhou in a conversation with members before starting BUTAOTOME, and it seemed interesting that there was a world where you can freely arrange songs and make stuff. So I got into the talks.
Sugie: Have you made derivative works/doujin activity before?
Pap: No, BUTAOTOME is my first time.
Sugie: So it was your first contact with such world. What kind of impression did you have?
Pap: I was amazed. I was amazed that there was a world like this and even though I didn’t know about it, it was so exciting. Also, I thought it was purely interesting.
Sugie: Comp, how did you discover Touhou?
Comp: I was drinking with the other members. Well, but Ranko couldn’t drink (laughs). As mentioned before, Niconico was talked about a bit, so Sis or Ranko recommended me to watch with a “hey, there is this thing” feel and the first thing I saw was “COOL&CREATE”, or better, “Beatmario”’s “Final Savage”; when I listened to that, I felt a lot of heat that I couldn’t feel from music at the time. Isn’t this music that doesn’t have any filter at all? As a consequence, from there I examined the original theme, including what to do (arrange) with this kind of thing and it was my chance to learn about Touhou.
Sugie: But there are several versions of “Final Savage”.
Comp: It was the voice one.
Sugie: The All Voice one?
Comp: Yes, All Voice.
Sis: We were surprised.
Ranko: Really amazing.

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