Two Melonbooks compilations for Comiket 93

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Melonbooks will release two compilation albums for December 29 (C93), and both of them have new BUTAOTOME songs!!

The first one was announced yesterday and it’s Touhou-themed. It’s named “Suiseisou” (萃星霜) and BUTAOTOME have the first track of the first disc: Te no Naka no Aozora (手の中の青空), an arrange of Tomorrow Will Be Special, Yesterday Was Not. Each song of this compilation represents a month and the booklet also features exclusive illustrations for each song made by different artist: this new song represents January and its Suwako illustration is made by Tama..

The second compilation is original! There were no exclusive songs used as BGM in the Melonbooks shops in the past months, however the second volume of the “MelonBooks ShopBGM Compilations” series has been announced with new music. BUTAOTOME have the eighth track, named Koe (声).
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There are no samples/XFDs available for both albums at the moment.