Weekly recap 32: the tour ends this week, etc.

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No livestream today!

TC Crew Theater 32: who will be Chibi Ranko’s Valentine?

BUTAOTOME are currently busy with the final two dates of the Trauma Recorder tour! The setlists will be different! My friend Scott will be at both dates, so I can give you his live reports! I will also post the tour stats on Sunday.

Speaking of lives, Sendai’s setlist has been posted already (it’s here, if you missed it), but here is the setlist of yesterday’s ChocoFes:
1. Furubokko
2. Ikiru no ga Heta na dake
3. Zurezure na Hibi
4. Trauma Recorder
5. Tiramisu Cowboy

The two Gitadora OSTs are finally out! “Tri-Boost Original Soundtrack Volume.03” contains Kakera, while “Tri-Boost Re:EVOLVE Original Soundtrack” has Tanpopo. Me and Scott might get the second one (because Tanpopo is love), but they are very expensive… (they are about 3000/3500 yen each) Also, sadly they aren’t available on iTunes and co.

The Sis recently posted a couple of cute Marisa fanarts on Twitter! The first set has the black and white witch testing a growth powder on some mushrooms, while in the second set she learns about Valentine’s Day from Sumireko and its “rule” of giving a returning gift that is thrice the value of the original one (this is a Japanese custom: they have the so-called “White Day” in March 14 when the men who got something during Valentine’s Day are supposed to give something in exchange). I wonder if these arts are related to the upcoming singles/goods…

And that’s all for this week! By the way, next Tuesday is Ranko’s birthday! Oh, and here is the Kouseki Radio and Folie à deux’s review I published a couple of days ago! I will publish some more old album reviews in future, I have a couple of ideas!