Weekly recap 35: :insert here something funny:

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Ordinary Paprika & Comp Supershow. There was someone in the comments who wrote “it’s my birthday!!11”, so the bear and the cat dedicated the comu spam time to this random person, it was funny! (btw, it’s my birthday on Monday)

Daikyuushuu Touhousai went fine! There was just Ranko at the booth. Also, a lot of people used the Ouija bag for their event purchases! BUTAOTOME will come back in Kyuushuu next month, but they won’t bring anything new (at least according to the catalogue). And speaking of the Kirisame Magic Shop project, here are some new arts from the Sis.

Last week, the song Kakera came back in the arcade version of Reflec Beat!

This Saturday Comp will play at “Zyukucho Night”, at the Anison Pub Roots in Kamata. It’s an event organized by Zyukucho, who is associated with Cool&Create and co.

That’s all for this week, I feel like there was nothing… Anyway. From this Friday until the next one I’ll be on holiday: my friend Scott will visit me! Updates will be considerably slowed down, but I’ll be able to bring you the weekly recap in time!

TC Crew Theater 35. IT SNOWED IN MY TOWN.