Music Room Vol.1 – XFD and full tracklist

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To be distributed this Sunday at Daikyuushuu Touhousai (event exclusive).
Two new songs, an instrumental of an old song (Nekokenban 3-10 style), karaoke track of the first song!

1. 違った世界 | Tagatta Sekai [Romantic Children]
2. その先の奥 | Sono Saki no Oku [the Grimoire of Alice]
3. 丁か半か色即是空(inst) | Choukahanka Shikisokuzekuu (inst) [Koiiro Master Spark]
4. 違った世界(カラオケ) | Tagatta Sekai (Karaoke)

Please don’t take my words as fact, but I believe the music room singles will be re-released in a future album (with probably the exception of the karaoke tracks) for a series of reasons (not just the fact other circles are doing something similar, but also because there is a more interesting selection of original theme compared to the other limited discs with new songs and it can be also a nice companion release with a reprint of Itanshinmon since it’s an album based on the MariAliPatchy trio). BUTAOTOME won’t reveal it already because it would affect the sales of the singles. But I’ll still try to get my hands on those singles: I have a couple of plans, but I won’t guarantee anything!