Weekly recap 36: My Friend event, Trauma Recorder on Groove Coaster, etc.

The livestream lagged as JIGOKU for me…

Ranko was in Shikoku last Sunday, for Touhou Iyoshikokusai. She was just selling old stuff and Ouija bags! Meanwhile, this Sunday there will be “My Friend”, an even solely dedicated to the ReiMari pairing. It’s part of the Touhou Goudou Saiji, a gathering of small Touhou events in Tokyo solely dedicated to a character/game/pairing. BUTAOTOME will bring two new things: the first is Music Room Vol.2, the second entry of the series of event-exclusive discs (the songs have been recorded yesterday, XFD and full tracklist will be published soon). The second is the Fortune Telling Mug Cup. You can see more pics of that one on this tweet, along with a nice list of each symbol’s meaning.

It was expected, but now it’s finally reality: Trauma Recorder will be playable on Groove Coaster arcades from next Thursday!

That’s all for this week! By the way, Tiramisu Cowboy is now on Weibo, for those who are interested!

TC Crew Theater 36: still feeling lazy (˘ω˘)

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