Weekly recap 38: live here, live there and still working on new music

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Today’s livestream only lasted 30 minutes and there was just Comp.

This weekend, BUTAOTOME will be in Kyushuu: on Saturday they will play for the Touhou Hit Parade live event, then the day after they will have a booth at Daikyuushuu Touhousai, but no new release.

The Music Room project is done, but the Pig is unstoppable! Reitaisai is in a month, and today Ranko tweeted that she was writing lyrics.

A new contest in the fanclub has been announced! One lucky fan will win a signed curtain that was used during the Trauma Recorder tour. Please remember that while it’s possible to make an account outside Japan, only Japanese residents can participate the lotteries.

Setlist from last Thursday’s Osaka live:
1. Gensou no Satellite
2. Furubokko
3. Ikiru no ga Heta na dake
4. Tiramisu Cowboy
5. Zurezure na Hibi
6. Trauma Recorder
7. Saru
8. Yumezakura
GenSate is back in original-only setlists!

A new tour has been announced for June: Touhou Peace. It’s a 3 man tour with TAMAONSEN and Cool&Create, it will have 5 dates and tickets will be sold exclusively on Melonbooks from Sunday 15. There are some categories for ticket purchasing, divided into the four Touhou difficulties. People who purchase from Normal onwards will get a card with a download for pre-tour talks. Additional presents for Hard (buy tickets for 3 dates) and Lunatic (buy ALL the dates!) are still not announced.

Continuing with the live news, this year’s Taiwanese Uta Matsuri has been announced! In May 26, BUTAOTOME and other Touhou circles will play in Kaohsiung.

In July 1, BUTAOTOME will participate in Suzuna Gensou Emaki, a Forbidden Scrollery event. This event will also release a compilation with vocal arrangements of Bibliophile with the Deciphering Eye. It’s unknown if the Pig’s contribution to this album will be a new song made for it, a track from the Reitaisai album or even just Inishie or a rearrange.

As every year, Ichigo will have her birthday party (June 2), and Comp and Paprika will play for her among other people.

Did you survive April Fools? Comp decided to do something for the first time and changed his name to “Shirokuma Kishin” (白熊紀信). For a bit of history, BUTAOTOME never made anything for April Fools (no troll announcements or what)… except that one time Ranko became a tiramisu.

Aaaaand that’s all for this week! (man, the power went away and I lost this entire post, so I’ve rewrote it… X_X)

TC Crew Theater 38.