Music Room Vol.3 – a small review

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Before starting with the final review of this series, two notes:

1. Poor Patchouli: not just she has only two themes, and EoSD’s extra stage (her possible 3rd one) is associated to Frandle in the Butaverse, but only the first song in this single is dedicated to her.
2. There are a couple of mistakes in the official website’s tracklist: the omission of Voile in the original themes of the first track and a small kanji mistake in the title of the second one (前 mae instead of 昔 mukashi). They have been corrected in the booklet and on TC’s pages!

1. Mugen Monogatari
The bear gives us another light-hearted piece. While Voile is my favourite EoSD track, and it’s the main theme of this arrange, I really love the part before the final refrain, which follows Locked Girl’s verses.

2. Sukoshi Mukashi no Ohanashi
THE FIRST PART OF THE LYRICS IS A COMPLETE REFERENCE TO SHUUSOU GYOKU’S EXTRA STAGE OMFG. Okay, sorry. Paprika is becoming more and more Comp-like… w The main instrument is the accordion, which I love so much, but it sounds different from other accordion-based Butaotome songs, it’s more akin to other “witch-esque” arranges of the same theme by other artists.

3. Shi (inst)
Instrumental re-arrangement of a certain super good (chou ii yo!) song from Itanshinmon. Once again, it’s completely different from the original (though I can hear Ranko singing), and it sounds so stylish!

4. Mugen Monogatari (karaoke)
Like the other fourth tracks, it’s the first song, but without Ranko. As Jor pointed out, it would have been interesting to get karaoke versions of Pap’s tracks.

Overall, I’m very satisfied by this Kirisame Magic Shop project! Well, at least for the music side… lol I’m unable to choose my favourite single out of the three, and I view them as one “big” release… I hope these singles will be re-released in an album, and I still believe Butaotome will do it. My prediction is that they won’t be re-released for Reitaisai (too soon), but a full Music Room disc will be released in autumn (Kouroumu/Autumnal Reitaisai), and it will have all the vocal songs + 2 new ones. The instrumental re-arranges could become part of a witches-themed Nekokenban, while the karaoke tracks won’t be re-released. :throws money to Buta: