Weekly recap 40: almost done with the new album, new Groove Coaster song, etc.

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“Singing is fun, but it’s not just fun, it’s also scary, it made me feel a lot uncomfortable, or rather I felt guilty about feeling that way, but it’s natural to feel the pressure when you want to make something good, and when I thought that tension is something that should be, I felt a bit easier.
I’m scared about tomorrow but I’m also looking forward to it and I’m doing my best.” – Ranko

30 minutes livestream from the hotel.
BUTAOTOME are currently in Osaka, for tomorrow’s live! They will play along with Soko ni Naru and Marmelade Butcher, so it will be an original-only setlist + maybe Gensou no Satellite!

On Monday, Ranko finished all her recordings for Reitaisai! It’s unknown when they will be finally done with the new release, I guess they will announce it before the end of the month. Another couple of facts behind the scenes is that last week Ranko was writing the lyrics, but then she lost them (probably the power went off, she didn’t save them or what). I know we are in the era of computers, but I always imagined her writing her lyrics on paper… w Also, it seems we’ll get a song with fast talking/singing. Last thing is that it seems the Sis posted something on a certain Chinese social network…

As I wrote in the previous post, a new Groove Coaster compilation will be released for the upcoming Reitaisai! It’s named “Touhou Nishusou” (東方弐集想) and it will be based on Touhou stage 2 theme. It will also feature a new BUTAOTOME song named Kodoku na Hana (孤独な花), an arrange of Nemuno Sakata’s theme! The XFD is still not up and it’s unknown when it will be available on Groove Coaster arcades, but the song will be playable at the Niconico Choukaigi and Reitaisai. This new compilation will have game size versions of the song from the previous Groove Coaster compilation (Touhou Rokugakushou, based on stage 6 boss), including Konohazuku, the instrumental arrange of Miko’s theme + stage by Comp.

As mentioned last week, Touhou is back in the Atre store in Akihabara! Until the end of the month, among the other things, they are selling and using as BGM a wide selection of Touhou arrange albums, but not entire discographies, just one album for each circle: for BUTAOTOME they are only selling… the OtoGee Best.

Despite the news that BUTAOTOME would have become a bi-monthly staple for the Touhou LiveBox, they won’t play at this month’s LiveBox… and they will probably skip even May’s one because they will be in Taiwan during that time. Perhaps they’ll come back in June, though it might clash with the Touhou Peace lives…

Aaaaaand that’s all for this week!

TC Crew Theater 40 feat. Rose.