Weekly recap 46: something something Touhou Peace

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First of all, an important (?) announcement: from now on, I won’t post anything related to Touhou Peace on Tiramisu Cowboy. I’ll post the setlists in the Discord server for the sake of discussing them a bit and to see if new songs have been played (and I’ll mention it in the weekly recaps). I know it’s kinda my duty to cover the World of BUTAOTOME in 360°, but honestly I have enough with Touhou Peace. I’m not even in the mood of updating the goods page with the new stuff announced.

Said this, what else we have for this week? The Taiwan trip went fine! I wasn’t able to find the full setlist, though I know the 2010 singles were played. The Uta Matsuri live will come back in Tokyo in November and BUTAOTOME will play there. There are lots of Touhou-only lives in their schedule, this will affect a lot the live stats that will be published at the end of the year…
Oh, and Ichigo’s birthday party (UNHAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!36) will be this Saturday and Comp and Paprika will play for her.

Aaaaand that’s all! Btw, I’ve finally finished a small guide about the fanclub on butaotome.net! I have to decide on which sidebar I should put it, but here it is.

TC Crew Theater 46