BUTAOTOME’s unimportant trivia

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While I was cleaning my Dropbox, I found a txt I saved years ago with some random trivia listed. I decided to translate them because yes! These are just random personal information about the four BUTAOTOME members. They were tweeted by the official twitter account (@butaotome) in 2013 with the tag 【豚乙女どーでもいい豆知識】. You can read the original Japanese by searching them or by clicking here!
Keep in mind that this stuff was tweeted in 2013. Some facts might not corrispond to BUTAOTOME’s current preferences (but always remember that the namako deity watches us)!

Comp’s index finger is 6,7cm
Paprika used to play drums a long time ago
Ranko was singing while lifting dumbbells (5kg) while recording “Uso to Doukoku”
The Sis loves congee (always)
Paprika’s name origin is not related to the paprika food
Ranko wasn’t able to swim until the third year of elementary school
The Sis has a lot of gems
Paprika’s favourite food is the namako
Comp’s favourite food is the sagittaria trifolia
Comp’s therapist told him “your pelvis is the one of a ballerina”
Paprika has a feature phone
Ranko has a good posture when she eats
The Sis only picked up cool sticks when she was a child
Comp has 3 air purifiers in his working room
Ranko likes dotted patterns
Comp likes green, but he recently became fond of red
Comp’s fingernails are always cut to the quick
The Sis’ bloodtype is A, Ranko’s is B, Paprika’s is O and Comp’s is AB
Comp has recently a big addiction for wet tissues
Comp likes lotus roots
Ranko likes sandals
Ranko has a fondness for tights, socks and foot items overall
Comp’s main bass type is “Antigua” [note: there was a twipple picture with this tweet, but sadly that website is now dead]
Comp likes okowa and sekihan
Comp seems interested on cigars recently
Paprika likes coriander
Comp’s face when the compressor he ordered more than a month ago didn’t arrive→ ( ◞・౪・)◞
The Sis has recently become close friends with Momoiro Usahi (mascot character of Asahi town, in the Yamagata Prefecture)