One Week BUTAOTOME 50: is Mesen the new GenSate?, etc.

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Wooow, fiftieth weekly recap!

TC Crew Theater 50 feat. Gnomes.

There is no livestream this week! BUTAOTOME played in Shibuya today, as guests for 82kaime no Shuushinkei’s live. Here is the setlist!
1. Radical Shoujo
2. Trauma Recorder
3. Ikiru no ga Heta na dake
4. Mesen
5. Saru
6. Furubokko
rip tiramise 2013-2018
A couple of days ago I mentioned in my personal account that Mesen is still a strong live staple even now that Ayakashi Yokochou is no longer the newest album and that I’m expecting it to get a PV/music game treatment sooner or later. Now it’s interesting to see it played in this kind of non-Touhou lives, a privilege in the past that was only reserved to Gensou no Satellite! (I know they played Kasho no Yume during a non-Touhou live in January, but ssssh) This reminds me of Scott’s comment back when we listened Ayakashi together: he loves Mesen also because he feels is very close to Buta’s original style (note that he is not really a Touhou fan and he doesn’t care about the 95% of teh toho themez).

Touhou Peace is ended and we can go in peace! The live page is pretty much done. Now I need to update goods and freebies… ( ˘ω˘ )

Ranko recorded something yesterday! It’s that time of the year again. Also, the Sis posted a couple of artworks of Shion and Marisa with swapped clothes. She said she made them for practice drawings of the whole body, I don’t think they’ll be related to upcoming works.

And speaking of new music, this Sunday there will be finally the event Suzuna Gensou Emaki in Matsusaka! It’s a Forbidden Scrollery-only BUTAOTOME will have a booth, but they won’t bring anything new. They will announce what they’ll have at the booth in the next few days, but it will be probably just “hey, we have Suzu no Sorane which is a Forbidden Scrollery-based album and CHILD HOOD’S END which has an arrange of Kosuzu’s theme”.
As mentioned multiple times in the past months, the event will also release a small compilation featuring arranges of Kosuzu’s theme, including a new one by Buta! There are no words about a possible sale of this album in doujin shops and I don’t think I’ll be able to get my hands on this new track, named “Oni-san kochira”. However, I strongly believe this song will be featured in the next Touhou vocal album. Unless the event staff told the circles to don’t re-release the songs before a specific period of time or what. Again, this is just my expectation, not a fact!

Aaaaand that’s all!