Touhou Peace in Osaka – setlist

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And Touhou Peace finally ended! TIME TO PARTY!!!!! Okay, sorry.

Thanks to Ark Lucifead as usual!
1. Fuwari Kakusei
2. Mesen
3. Solid
4. Sleep Junkie
5. Eien ni Tsudzuku Yume
6. Chiguhagu na Sekai
7. Gensou no Satellite
8. Machibito wa Kozu.
9. Kyouen

Bonus: Sign was played during the Tamaonsen part.

Meanwhile, I’m slowly working on the live page that will gather all the informations about the tour (it’s currently in a very drafty status, I’ll update during the afternoon lol).
Also, me and Jordi finally started to transcribe and romanize the songs from the album! All the lyrics will be published, except for track 1 and 3. Chiguhagu na Sekai and YAKIONIGIRI Haraheriharahara are up, and you can also see a new feature I’m trying to apply on duet songs! The key is red = Ranko, blue = whoever is the second vocalist, brown = Beatmario, purple = when they sing together.