One Week BUTAOTOME 58: Touhou Livebox, etc.

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No livestream today! [EDIT: apparently Comp was a guest at this month’s Touhou Station, which I didn’t watch]

TC Crew Theater 58

Last weekend BUTAOTOME were in Shanghai for the THONLY event, where they also played live! Le setlist:
1. Gensou no Satellite
2. Hakanaki Mono Ningen
3. Machibito wa Kozu.
4. Mesen
5. Kakoinaki yo wa Ichigo no Tsukikage

BUTAOTOME will play at this month’s Touhou Livebox on Friday! Last week Comp confirmed that songs from Daifugou/Rengoku 4 will be played, so don’t miss it! It will be livestreamed on Melonbooks’ Youtube channel as usual, but I will try to upload the Buta performance on Tiramisu’s channel. I can’t give you the exact hour but it’s usually at 11/12 AM CEST. I will tweet about it!

….and really. That’s all for this week. Meanwhile, I finally got the C94 albums! Some lyrics are already up, while I publish some others later after this post. The review will be published… when I want to publish it. No deadlines~

See you next time, Piggies!