One Week BUTAOTOME 60: new song for Sound Voltex, etc.

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Today there was just the bear and he replied to fan’s questions.

Most important news of the week: Comp and our favourite poop Beatmario will make out at Autumnal Reitaisai! End of the recap.

Okay, now to the serious talks. Comp is such an unstoppable bear. In the fanclub blog he said he is working on new music he can’t talk about for now but he can’t wait! Next doujin events in the schedule are the autumnal events (Kouroumu/Autumnal Reitaisai). Comp said there will be a new release for Reitaisai, but as usual it’s hard to predict what will be. It could be anything: a new vocal album, Omatome 2, piano to uta Itanshinmon, a collection of outrun/synthwave remixes or even I LOVE Imperishable Night (hey, if we got Shoujo Rengoku 4 after 3 years).

Meanwhile, Super Sis is still in a big drawing mood: here are a genderswapped White Blood Cell from Hataraku Saibou/Cells at Work! and human Mamizou. Also, she designed a RenMerry t-shirt for Shimensoka. It will be distributed at Reitaisai!

Music Games Planet! 10 new songs will be available in a free update on Groove Coaster Steam next Wednesday! The list includes Butaotome’s Kage no Densetsu remix!
Moving on other games, a new song is available from today on Sound Voltex III e-AMUSEMENT CLOUD, the PC version of the popular Bemani. The title is “Masshiro na Kutsu” (真っ白な靴) and it features Billiardsko in the jacket image!

This weekend Butaotome will be in Shizuoka, for another Touhou Gakusai live! Aaaaand that’s all!

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