One Week BUTAOTOME 67: Bass Magazine, etc.

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OMG, there was a livestream today!! But with just Comp.

There are not many news this week…

Aaaaaa these romajissssss

Lately I’m revising the romanized track titles of some songs. A couple of mistakes has been corrected and I’ll revise the spacing of some titles. Here is a post about mistakes on iTunes and Google Play titles (and also TC!).

elfin’ s 4th single

elfin’s fourth single will be out on November 7th, the same day of the air date of the new Neko Neko Nihonshi opening theme! The video of this song composed by Comp should be out in few days. However, in case you are impatient, here is a video of the four girls performing the song.

Bass Magazine
Comp is on November’s issue of Bass Magazine, out now! He is part of a feature about famous bass chosen by 50 pro-bassists. Here is the Amazon JP link. I will try to get the magazine!

Do you like quizzes?
Test your BUTAOTOME knowledge with this nice guess-the-song quiz! It covers their most popular Touhou tracks on iTunes. The third option gives you 160 questions and it stops once you make a mistake. How far will you get?
There is also this other quiz on the same website, which is muuuuch shorter and covers original/major songs (because iTunes uses different tags for major and Touhou stuff). (can you see how this week is so poor?!?!)

TC Crew Theater 67