Bass Magazine special – Listen to these albums during the Bass Day!

This is part of a special feature on November 2018’s issue of Bass Magazine. November 11 is Bass Day and 50 professional bassists from the Japanese music scene have been asked about their favourite albums for the bass. Below it’s a translation of Comp’s part!


Comp’s favourite record
twm jamir“Travelling Without Moving” Jamiroquai
This album is wonderful both in sound and groove, but to say the least I think it’s a record where you can listen a “vigorous” play.
Soul has been put into, or more simply, it’s like it has been filled with the way of life of the player. It’s a fascinating makunouchi bento of bass that gives an impression like “He was surely playing it sexy while recording~”. I often listened to this one while driving.

“Funk Overload” Maceo Parker
“The Sun Don’t Lie” Marcus Miller
“Circus” Lenny Kravitz

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