One Week BUTAOTOME 72: livestreams everywhere, etc.

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TC Crew Theater 72

No ButaNama, but…
This week we got Ane’s personal livestreams, a Ranko one that just ended and Comp was a guest at this month’s Nikeme kara hajimaru Radio, a monthly stream with ZUN. If you are interested on the latter, you can rewatch it here, but it’s veeeeeery long and I don’t know if they said anything interesting.

No, Paprika didn’t make any livestream, she is too busy drugging her cat/daughter.

Last week’s setlists
First of all, the Livebox!
1. Soldi
2. Fabulous
3. Hakanaki Mono Ningen
4. Mesen
5. Gensou no Satellite
The entire livestream is still available to watch here. Once it will be deleted, the BUTAOTOME part will be reuploaded on Tiramisu Cowboy’s Youtube channel.

Afterwards, here is the setlist of the live with Sekkenya:
1. Mesen
2. Trauma Recorder
3. Circus
4. Soldi
5. Fabulous Ikiru no ga heta na dake
6. Machibito wa Kozu.
7. Hakusen
8. Touhou Youyoumu (Sekkenya cover)
9. Furubokko
10. Gensou no Satellite
11. Saru
12. Kakoinaki Yo wa Ichigo no Tsukikage
Bonus parts: Sekkenya covered Kyouen. And Ranko was singing with them in D-89, played during the encore!

As you can see in the sidebar, there are no lives next. These two might be the last lives of the year. A Japanese Piggy I follow on Twitter already posted the live stats, however I still want to wait until Christmas time before publishing them here. Stay tuned!

Super Sis’ art corner

Any live/event/blabla in the next 7 days?