One Week BUTAOTOME 74: Tiramisu Cowboy is moving!

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TC Crew Theater 74

The last touches to the C95 releases
The new albums are almost done! Today Sis made her usual livestream, where she was making the booklet! There were some heavy spoilers about the tracklist, but as usual I won’t post anything here until the official announcement. There is a Nekokenban album, however. And there will be at least one album arranged by Comp with Ranko singing.

Nothing relevant this week
Except for a drawing of a virtual youtuber by Sis and Ranko doing a livestream on her Twitcasting with Mamemi where they chatted about IdolMasters side M and TRPG.

Tiramisu Cowboy is moving!
I’m currently working on moving away from Tumblr with the help of mr.deagle. We are testing some stuff with WordPress and I should buy the web space soon. I’m planning to move during the holidays. The main URL won’t change, so your bookmarks are safe! (hopefully I’ll be able to enable redirects for single posts)

Aaaand that’s all for this week. But here is the long-awaited PV retrospective, in case you missed it!