Comiket 95 guest list

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Comiket 95 is in two weeks! I know it’s kinda early to post this list, but I want to publish it now for a number of reasons.


Album: 東方 Compilation CD-BOOK 萃星霜 弐 (Touhou Suiseisou 2)
Publisher: MelonBooks
Title | Romaji (track number): 秋色小径 | Shuushoku Shoukei (disc 1, track 9)
Original theme: Kugatsu no Pumpkin
Type: new song
XFD: mp3 file

Another Suiseisou compilation! Like the previous one, each song represents a month and has an artwork by a different artist. This new BUTAOTOME song represents September (it’s a September Pumpkin arrangement, after all) and its associated Ringo artwork is made by Mai Someya.
In addition, this song is among the tracks used as background music in Melonbooks stores this month, so if you are in Japan you might have a chance to listen to it before the official release!

ってゐ! ~因幡総動員~
Circle: Sekkenya
Title (track number): 
ってゐ!豚乙女ver (track 10)
Original theme: Cinderella Cage ~ Kagome-Kagome
Type: cover
XFD: Youtube, timestamped

This is one of the newest additions to the list of albums with just covers and remixes of a single song, more specifically Ttewi! by Sekkenya.

Album: Help me, ERINNNNNN!! LOVE( ゚∀゚)o彡゜
Title (track number): 
Help me, ERINNNNNN!! 豚乙女ver. (track 3)
Original theme: Taketori Hishou ~ Lunatic Princess
Type: cover
XFD: Youtube, timestamped

It speaks for itself.


Album: 娶 (Metori)
Circle: Diao ye zong
Title | Romaji (track number): 伴に歩くその心 | Tomo ni Aruku Sono Kokoro (track 4)
Original theme: Hana no Sakadzuki Ooeyama
Type: sung by Ranko
XFD: mp3 files [album xfd | extended preview]

After 7 years since Uso to Doukoku (and 6 since F to bloodstain from Nijiiro Palette, but that song is forgotten by the majority), we finally have a new song arranged by RD-Sounds and sung by Ranko. The album’s theme is the marriage between humans and youkais and Ranko’s track sounds very similar to the popular Suika song, at least from the preview.