One Week BUTAOTOME 89: Black’s ticket sales, working on the Reitaisai album, etc.

Post-Buta Lounge update
Buta Lounge was last weekend! You can read the setlist and some details about the live in the news post or in the live page!
This is unrelated to Buta Lounge itself, but to celebrate it I’ve restored an old cool thing in the Media section. It’s an acoustic live (in the more traditional sense, with regular acoustic guitar and piano) from 5 years ago, with some nice gems! I will restore more old stuff in the next days!

This was just the beginning…
…of BUTAOTOME’s 10th anniversary celebration! Next live is Black at the end of June and it will be a regular one man show. Tickets will be on sale on May 11 on Lawson Ticket!

It’s that time of the year again…
BUTAOTOME members are working on the Reitaisai album! We don’t know what will be, if we will still get another Komeiji song or if there will be more than one album. Ranko is recording and she commented that tomorrow she will sing a pretty hard song!

Neko Neko Nihonshi update
A week after the first episode (and the second episode aired today), we can pretty much confirm that Crunchyroll didn’t renew the Neko Neko Nihonshi/Meow Meow Japanese History license for the fourth season. This was the only way to watch the anime outside Japan in a legal way. And since this anime is completely obscure outside Japan, you can’t even find it in illegal websites. If you want to support the opening theme composed by Comp, just wait for the single release! You can preorder it on CDJapan (regular | dvd).

TC Crew feat. Scottoloso

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