One Week BUTAOTOME 90: the Reitaisai release is done!

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As the title said
BUTAOTOME’s new work for Reitaisai 16 is entirely done! The announcement will arrive in any time (I’m expecting it during the weekend), and doujin shops might even start the preorders earlier…
Comp said that the release is “interesting, ufufu”. Ranko is excited as usual and she said that she felt very confident on all the songs in the album for the first time!
Honestly I don’t know what to expect, but I think the fact this will be the last album recorded in the Heisei era and the first one to be released in the Reiwa era could be related in some way.

A couple of music-related trivia, translated from Ranko’s Instagram stories
Q: “what do you think of when you write lyrics?” A: “When it comes to Touhou arranges, I write about that character and characters who are closely related to them. I like to draw relationships. Occasionally I try to not relate to myself at that time. For original songs I write about things I like that fit the song. There was also one time when I thought about dinner.”
(I assume she was talking about the song Akai Bucket from Billiards in the last sentence, as an actual line of that song is “I want to eat grilled meat”)

“The poem I posted yesterday is the lyrics of an original song called “Kibouteki Kansokushi”. It’s about love between girls, but when I listened to it after a long time I thought the lyrics were beautiful so I posted them. By the way, “Moumokuteki Kansoubun” and “Henshitsuteki Souseiji” from the same series (?) are about love between boys.”
(my life is a lie, as I always thought that song was about male homo stuff like the other two)

Music game planet
If you will be able to go to Reitaisai, you can play some new Touhou songs on Groove Coaster! They are Touhou 16 arrangements, which means that… yes, a certain loved Butaotome song finally got its rhythm game debut! Yeah, I’m talking about the first track of Shoujo Rengoku 4, Hikkyou Joubutsu!! (sorry Mesen, but I think you would have got a chance if only Taito didn’t decide to pick the Aunn arrangement by Shinra-Bansho). It’s unknown when it will have its proper arcade debut
Taito will also distribute Touhou Meikyokushuu (東方名曲蒐), a best of album containing a selection of Touhou songs made for Groove Coaster. The tracklist includes Karisome, Konohazuku and Kodoku na Hana!
Official website

Meanwhile, for Groove Coaster PC players, Night of Nights BUTAOTOME version will come next week as DLC!

Funyanyan Hero’s video
The short version of the Funyanyan Hero official video, the opening theme of the fourth season of Meow Meow Japanese History, has been uploaded! You can watch it here! The video also features the Butaotome animal members (which, according to elfin’ themselves, are all the members).

Now that I finally listened to this song, I can review it!
It’s a great song, even better than Guruguru Ponpon Daisakusen! After some of his last Butaotome efforts being so-so, Comp is back on top of the form. But there is one big problem: THE IDOL VOCAAAAALS :horrible screams: They aren’t bad by themselves, but they aren’t special at all and don’t fit Comp’s base. I think it’s a shame that such a good track is used for a really irrelevant anime (well, at least outside Japan, because I don’t know how much is popular in its home country, but for sure it’s not the latest anime trend) and has such generic vocalists. I still hope Comp will get better opportunities for anime themes in the future. And if he can’t really use Ranko, I hope he will get some good vocalists and not random idols.

Super Sis’ art corner

Aaaand that’s all.