One Week BUTAOTOME 92: Reitaisai 16 is this weekend!

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Chibi vocalists must take care of their throat, too!

This is the first recap of the Reiwa era! It’s the current era of Japan, which started today May 1. Ranko celebrated the passage of era by playing TRPG live with her friends. My Japanese twitter was invaded with “last thing of Heisei era”/”first thing of the Reiwa era” messages and it felt almost like a New Year celebration.

Today there was no livestream. Comp was at Beatmario’s celebratory penis live.

Niconico Choukaigi
It went smoothly! Here is the setlist of the Super Touhou Live:

  1. Kyouen
  2. Mesen
  3. Machibito wa Kozu.
  4. Gensou no Satellite
  5. Solid
  6. Kakoinaki yo wa Ichigo no Tsukikage (feat. ZUN on stage swinging the towel)
  7. Haru no Yuki

I didn’t watch it live (mostly because I was sure it would have been generic Touhou singles I saw 50 times and I wanted to sleep at that time), but when I discovered they actually played a song from Epitaph, I tried to rewatch the streaming. I’ve uploaded the song on TC’s Youtube channel!

Touhou Albums on BOOTH
Another new thing that has been announced is that Touhou Doujin Music Distribution/東方同人音楽流通 set up a BOOTH store. In the store you can find all the albums they distribute in digital format, include almost the entirety of BUTAOTOME’s Touhou discography. Please remember that while BOOTH’s physical stuff is Japan-only (unless you use a proxy service), digital stuff can be bought worldwide. They provide FLAC files and there is no lyrics sheet/booklets, but circles get 85% of the profit (instead of the 50% of iTunes/Google Play), so it’s more recommended to buy over there!

Music Game planet
It has been announced that Hikkyou Joubutsu, the first track from Shoujo Rengoku 4, will be officially available on Groove Coaster arcades from May 22! Remember that you have the chance to try it at Reitaisai.

New DLC for Touhou Sky Arena
A new DLC has been released for Touhou Sky Arena’s Switch and PS4 ports! It adds Yukari Yakumo as playable character, as well as one new stage and some new songs. This also includes Karma no Kakera, BUTAOTOME’s vocal arrangement of Sagume’s theme that was released in one of Areazero’s C94 albums!
Switch page
PS4 page

Any live/event/blabla in the next 7 days?
It’s Reitaisai 16 on Sunday! BUTAOTOME will distribute their 3 new albums at their booth. If you can’t go, you can always try to buy them in the various shops specialized in doujin music, or in the freshly opened BUTAOTOME Booth! You can find every link in the album pages, accessible from the sidebar.
In addition, the guest list, detailing all the other circles’ albums with a BUTAOTOME contribution in some way, has been updated!