One week BUTAOTOME 101: working, writing, w-something

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On the road!

No live stream today! BUTAOTOME members are preparing themselves to raid Area 51! Nah, I’m just joking, they are just working on the C96 releases!

Touhou songs on DAM
A large selection of Touhou songs from various circles will come on the 23rd on the DAM karaoke service! BUTAOTOME is stuck in 2010 as usual, so Kyoai, Kyouen, Panorama Girl and Haruka Tooi Sora no Koe will be added, along with their own version of Help Me Erin (wtf, it’s identical to the original and doesn’t add anything).
DAM official website

Groove Coaster news
First of all, a new Touhou pack has been added to the mobile version of the game! It features the Touhou 16 songs they recently added in the arcade version, including Hikkyou Joubutsu! In the English version of the game, the song is called “Finally Becoming a Buddha” for literally no reason.

Meanwhile, today is the first anniversary of Groove Coaster for Steam. Over the past year this game has had a lot of issues of any kind that weren’t solved, the most important one being that most of the songs are off-beat and you need to set up your calibration for each one of them. The DLC choice was limited exclusively to in-house originals and remixes, the latest rhythm game collabs from the arcade version and a fuckload of Touhou songs. I wanted to put my faith in Taito and Degica for a cool game that could have given to me a proper rhythm game experience with BUTAOTOME songs (sadly the mobile version doesn’t work on my phone and I don’t have wi-fi access). I genuinely hoped for a 1st anniversary update that solved most of the problems. But instead, we got nothing. Not even a tweet acknowledging the anniversary. I will just finish grinding the remaining coins for the last two avatars in the game, and then I will abandon it until they suddenly decide to revitalize the game in a proper way. If you readers have the chance, please play the mobile version or the arcade one instead.

And that’s all for this week! See you on Saturday with a new part of the rank(o)ing! (here is the previous one, if you missed it)