One week BUTAOTOME 103: the C96 releases are done!

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Next Tuesday is the fourth anniversary of Tiramisu Cowboy!

C96 albums
BUTAOTOME’s C96 releases are entirely done, and they will be revealed on Saturday (August 3)! There will be the usual Touhou vocal album, Nekokenban 18, maybe more?

Jibun Kanpai full version
This week is very lacking of news, but I managed to find something old that I missed! Neowiz has a Soundcloud account where they upload the full versions of the songs made for their rhythm games (DJMAX, TAPSONIC, etc.). They even provide lyrics for the vocal songs!
Here is the full version of Jibun Kanpai, from Tapsonic Top! The song page has been updated with the romanized lyrics!

Aaaand that’s all. The fourth part of my rank(o)ing of all the vocal albums was published last Sunday! The fifth part will be published next week! I want to have time to write the 4th anniversary post as well as to update all the album pages with the new template. Please understand!