One week BUTAOTOME 104: Comiket 96 is next Monday!

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Here we are with the first recap of Tiramisu Cowboy’s fifth year!

“Hey Wumpus, do you want some tiramisu?”

No livestream today (but now we are used to it). Comp was in Hakata, Fukuoka, to mix some stuff. I think the last time he went there alone was as Compachi for mixing Trauma Recorder… Hm.

Comiket 96!
As announced last Saturday, BUTAOTOME will bring three albums at Comiket 96!
Goku (Touhou Vocal) | Present (Touhou Compilation) | Touhou Nekokenban 18 (Touhou Instrumental)
The list with all the related stuff in other circles’ albums will be published on Friday!

New instrumental song for Touhou Gensou Mahjong
D.N.A. Softwares will release a Nintendo Switch version of Touhou Gensou Mahjong this Fall! It’s a mahjong game with Touhou characters (RLY?!), and it’s popular mostly for being that one game with Rinnosuke’s theme composed by ZUN.
This version will feature some new characters and music, including a new arrangement of Chinese Tea by Comp, titled Haipai Dance (ハイパイダンス)! You can listen to it here (timestamped Youtube livestream).

Aaaaand that’s all. I still have two articles left to write for this week…