One Week BUTAOTOME 107: Touhou no Uta and ???

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I feel like most of the last recaps are very lacking. There was the Sekken Otome live last week. Also, I still didn’t get my C96 albums.

Touhou no Uta
Instead of the livestream series that doesn’t exist, there was a new project started by the crew of Touhou Doujin Music Distribution: Touhou no Uta.
It’s basically a monthly karaoke show on Youtube aimed at Japanese kids who got into Touhou. Comp was there as “the voice of the skies” (he was talking from behind the scenes) and he also composed the eyecatch. Ane drew the main visuals. This first episode had Beatmario as a guest, and he sang Machibito wa Kozu. among other things.
Twitter | Youtube Livestream

Interesting stuff that was announced this week, but it’s still unknown if BUTAOTOME will be involved
– Groove Coaster will get a Switch port in November!
– WACCA (an arcade rhythm game by Marvelous) will get Touhou songs! They will be playable at Autumnal Reitaisai next month. If anything, Comp retweeted the news and followed Wacca’s Twitter account…
– There was a Touhou Cannonball livestream yesterday. They announced, among other things, that by unlocking the character with the highest rarity, you get an exclusive vocal song made for the game. Watch how a BUTAOTOME song will be the prize for getting the rarest Koishi.

And that’s all. I slacked off in the last few days, but I hope to get back to work!