One week BUTAOTOME 119: pop’n music, GITADORA, Touhou Sky Arena

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The general sales of next month’s talk event were on Sunday, but tickets went sold out on the same day!

Tiramisu Cowboy has moved (somehow)!
Thanks to some great Black Friday deals and Deagle’s help, I moved TiraCo on a different web hosting. This time, I’ll be safe for four years! Unlike last year’s moving, where I moved away from Tumblr, there is no radical change. Heck, even from an outside perspective, the website looks the same as usual!

BeNama recap
Last Tuesday all the four BUTAOTOME members were at the BeNama, the official streaming dedicated to Konami’s rhythm games. You can watch it here (timestamped to the part where BUTAOTOME shows up). This is what happened and has been announced:

  • Paprika playing Nostalgia! She played Owls by Alice Schach and the Magic Orchestra.
  • from 18:11 to 24:35 is just Nostalgia Op.3 talks, with no relation to the Pig.
  • Haru no Yuki will be added on Pop’n music, along with a new original song called Botan (ボタン)!
    Ranko has been a big fan of pop’n music. That game was the reason she started making secondary works and going to Comiket for the first time. Contributing to this game with an original song means a lot of her, it’s so emotional that she can’t put it into words.
  • On December 4, Solid will be added to Gitadora! On the same day, a new in-game event about BUTAOTOME’s 10th anniversary will start! This event will add a new original song called Henteko (ヘンテコ)!
  • Comp playing Henteko on GITADORA!
Not even BUTAOTOME is safe from the infamous KONMAI Quality! There is “Haru no Yuki” (春の雪) under the jacket image, but the notice on its side says “Yuki no Hana” (雪の花)

Here are my personal opinions of this new announcement.

  • Okay. I think it’s not a secret by this point (especially if you know me personally/you are in the Discord server) that I don’t really like Haru no Yuki. And because of this and Butaotome constantly spamming it even now that Epitaph is no longer the newest album, I was actually expecting it to get the rhythm game treatment. But from Groove Coaster, since their last Butaotome additions weren’t very impressive. I was imagining it as part of a future PCB-themed DLC for the Switch version. But instead, we find it in one of the various Bemani, and it’s even one of the games that don’t focus on Touhou! (they added Bad Apple “only” last March, and Machibito wa Kozu was in the game since January 2016)
  • On the other hand, I’m so happy that Soldi finally got into a rhythm game. GITADORA was an even more surprising choice since that game has almost no Touhou song (Soldi is literally the fourth Touhou arrange ever in the game). I was expecting the song to find its way into maimai, to take full advantage of the PV, and Fabulous being added into Chunithm around the same time. Even though Daihinmin is one of my favorite albums and Daifugou was not that good, Solid and Fabulous are two of my favorite songs ever and an indivisible duo, so I would like to see them together more often.
  • As a big fan of BUTAOTOME’s original songs, I’m so happy that we are getting two new songs at the same time! I can’t wait to listen to Botan/Button, as well as Henteko in proper quality and without the annoying commentators.

New songs, new songs everywhere
The other day I wrote a nice post that recaps all the new BUTAOTOME music coming in various sources. Read it here if you missed it!
Today Areazero had their usual weekly livestream, and they actually broadcasted the new BUTAOTOME song for the ultimate edition of Touhou Sky Arena! Its title is “Dangerous Hello (or Halo)” (デンジャラスハロー), and it’s an arrange of Seiran’s theme! You can listen to it at the beginning of the livestream.

And that’s all for this week! The weekly recap will come back to the usual Wednesday!