Comiket 97 guest list

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Comiket 97 will start on Saturday, but the Touhou day is on Tuesday! Let’s take a look at the albums featuring BUTAOTOME’s contributions!

Album: 東方 Compilation CD-BOOK 萃星霜 参 (Touhou Suiseisou 3)
Publisher: MelonBooks
Title | Romaji (track number): 赤い空のぼる白い月 | Akai Sora Noboru Shiroi Tsuki (disc 1, track 7)
Original theme: Kodoku na Werewolf
Type: new song
XFD: mp3 file

There is no Comiket without a Melonbooks compilation! This time we have the third volume of the calendar-centered Suiseisou series. BUTAOTOME’s track represents July! The related Kagerou illustration is drawn by Satoupote.
The album is available exclusively on Melonbooks (rly?), as a regular edition and a limited one with an additional disc and other contents.

Album: 白にも黒にもなれない君へ (Shiro ni mo Kuro ni mo Narenai Kimi e)
Title | Romaji (track number): 誰がその鍵を壊すのか | Dare ga Sono Kagi wo Kowasu no ka (disc 1, track 3)
Original theme:
Type: sung by Ranko
XFD: Youtube

One of ZYTOKINE’s new releases is a double album entirely dedicated to the Hifuu Club. As usual, Linjin arranged and wrote the lyrics for all the songs, and there is a big lineup of vocalists, including our Ranko! She only has one track, and it’s not even an arrangement of a pure Hifuu theme. This is not the first time Ranko sings for ZYTOKINE: the very first time was back in 2013, in the album THE LEAP//NEXTRA.
Shiro ni mo Kuro ni mo Narenai Kimi e is available on any doujin shop (Melonbooks, Toranoana, etc.).

That’s all for the albums featuring new songs. Now let’s take a look on releases with old stuff!

COOL&CREATE will release Amane Touhou Vocal Atsumemashita “Thank you BEST”, a selection of Amane’s songs from C&C and other circles as well. It also includes Fuwa*Kira, the duet with Ranko from Eight.
The album is available on any doujin shop.

Shibayan Records will release Broad Border, a selection of Shibayan’s arrangements from other circles’ albums. The first track is Je t’aime moi champ de fleurs, the bossanova song from the out-of-print Yuuka-only album Kaen Ranzen.
The album is available on any doujin shop, but digital distribution on BOOTH and DLSite is planned around the same day of the release!

This is not a Comiket release (it was released at the Chinese event Comicup 25), but I put it here for convenience (and because Melonbooks treats it as C97 release).
TsuBaKi released TBK BEST COLLECTION VOL.1, a selection of tracks from their discography + a new one. It includes Hana nomi zo Shiru, the song with Ranko from their C96 release MABOROSHI.
You can buy the album on Melonbooks and Taobao, but you can also get a digital copy on dizzylab!